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South Carolina Medicaid Program

NEW!! Beginning July 1, 2007 all South Carolina residents can submit their Medicaid Long Term Care application electronically.

If you are an adult (18+) who is aged, blind, or disabled and a resident of South Carolina, you can now submit your SC Medicaid Application online!

This Medicaid form is for SC residents only. It is for adults (18+) living at home who are aged, blind, or disabled and who need help to pay for health care services which will allow them stay in their home. It also is for someone who is living in a nursing home or is applying to live in a nursing home and needs help to pay for the nursing home care.

This form can be submitted electronically to the State DHHS Medicaid office or mailed to your local Medicaid Office. If you choose to submit electronically, you must print out the signature page and mail it to the State Medicaid office within 15 days.

NEW!! The look-back period for all transfers of resources that occur on or after February 8, 2006 has changed. Contact your local Medicaid office for details.

If you are applying for a child, a family with children, or a woman who is pregnant, click here for a simpler form that better meets your needs.

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All residents of South Carolina who are aged, blind, or disabled may print the form and mail to the local Medicaid office for processing.

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